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Regardless of Calories, Meat Eaters Gain More Weight

People continue to disbelive that it’s not as simple as calories in, calories out, but there are more links coming out to how meat consumption is directly connected to long-term weight gain. A new study from Imperial College, London, followed the dietary habits of 370,000 adults across Europe for five years. What was the result? Those … Continue reading

Dairy is Bad for your Health and has been Linked to Diabetes

I previously posted about how dairy doesn’t prevent osteoporosis and that it has links with things like cancer, weight gain, and asthma. However, there is one link left that I think is pretty important - diabetes. A study done in Toronto showed that babies given a dairy-based formula actually developed antibodies for diabetes. As milk enters your body, your body … Continue reading

Fish Contains Mercury and a Number of Other Industrial Toxins

It seems like there is a message to eat more seafood out there. We hear about the benefits from our doctors, in newspaper articles, on television programs. In fact, it seems  like  fish consumption goes up when we try to cut back on saturated fat. It’s true that fish are an excellent source of protein, … Continue reading

Milk Contributes to Cancer and Does NOT Prevent Osteoporosis

Milk and Cancer In a study that compared 42 countries, milk and cheese consumption was strongly linked to the rate of testicular cancer. They also linked dairy consumption to the increased death rates from prostate cancer (from near zero per 100,000 men to seven per 100,000 men today over the last 5 decades) and mentioned … Continue reading

Dairy makes you fat

Our bodies are made to drink milk – our mothers milk. In fact, we are the only creature that chooses to drink another species milk. Weird. Since our bodies are not suppose to drink milk beyond infancy, this has manifested into a large population of lactose intolerant humans. How many people are lactose intolerant? Almost … Continue reading

Dairy Contributes to Asthma and Allergies

Since cow’s milk comes from another species, our bodies recognize it as an attacker or allergen. A doctor at Johns Hopkins School of medicine has even said that up to 50% of all children are allergic to milk. What kind of allergies does milk produce? The body’s most common reaction to the protein in milk … Continue reading

Meat has Scary Pathogens

In 2000, a USDA report estimated that 89% of ground beef patties contained traces of E. coli. Not scary enough? There is another pathogen called campylobacter, which is the leading cause of food-borne illness. What about salmonella? Mad cow disease? How many people do these pathogens affect? Here are the estimated total cases in the … Continue reading

Meat is Full of Antibiotics and Hormones

Meat Contains Antibiotics and Hormones In factory farming animals get sick. How sick? Well, 70% of all the antibiotics sold in the US go to, you guessed it, livestock.  This includes fish. In fact, farm raised salmon get more antibiotics by weight than any other livestock animal. And when you eat meat, the antibiotics get passed to you. What are … Continue reading

Meat is Hard to Digest

Meat is hard to digest and connected to colon cancer Compared to many other foods, meat can be difficult to digest and has actually be linked to colon cancer. Why is meat hard to digest? It’s protein-dense animal muscle We’re not designed for it Fiber is vital to a healthy bowel because it passes through … Continue reading

Meat Contributes to Cancer

Meat and Cancer The World Health Organization has found that dietary factors account for at least 30 percent of all cancers in Western countries. So why does this matter to vegans? One of the most noticeable findings was that people who didn’t eat meat were much less likely to develop cancer. Large studies in England … Continue reading